A Fitness plan for women

Updated: December 27, 2012

Fitness plan for women for achieving long-term results?

This article will discuss one of the best fitness plan for women that delivers results.

The best fitness plan for women should be easy to follow and as well healthy!

It is very hard for an average woman, who wants to lose fat and get fit, to find the best fitness plan for women. There are so many different fitness plans and picking the right one, which gives the best results, seems very hard. And a lot of the times women choose plans, which are hyped up by the media or the internet and don`t offer the best results. The reason why I decided to write this article was to help you choose the best fitness plan for you. There are very specific criteria that a solid fitness plan has to follow. By reading this article you will be a lot smarter.


Is the fitness plan healthy?

fitness plan for women exampleI am sure you know very well that eating junk food and starving yourself, is not very healthy. A lot of the health problems are caused by a poor diet plan and if you want to get fit and healthy, you must follow a well-balanced diet. The best fitness plan for women, first and foremost, has to be healthy.

It is true that every person is different and each one of us likes certain foods. So there is no diet plan that works for everyone at all times. But a lot of the times women, and men also, start following really unrealistic fitness and diet plans, which are not a realistic lifestyle option. There are cabbage soup diets, banana diets and grapefruit diets and so on. Is it healthy to eat nothing but cabbage soup and nothing else? I don`t think so!

Sure, you can lose some weight with such plans quite rapidly. But it is a very short-term and short-sighted way of going about health and fitness. The less food you eat, the more likely you are to miss some essential nutrients that your body needs. It is really important to have variety in your fitness and diet plans. Make sure your diet has proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and enough vitamins and minerals.


Is the fitness plan sustainable?

That is another big question. The best fitness plan for women is something that you can sustain for years and years. If you decide to follow an extreme diet and some crazy exercise program, with the intent to lose fat fast, then you need to ask yourself a few questions first. How long are you able to follow that specific fitness plan? And can you actually enjoy living like this? If your fitness plan is something that you don`t enjoy and something you have to do, then obviously you are following the wrong fitness plan.

Many of the diet plans are very restrictive as you know, which might be a good thing at first, because you are not allowed to eat the foods you normally would eat, so you consume less calories and lose weight. But if a diet plan is too restrictive, then eventually you give in. So the most effective fitness plan for women in the long run, is something that is flexible.

Does your fitness plan enslave you?

That is another important question. Because most of the times, when people make the decision to get fitter and healthier, they feel like a prisoner. Some fitness plans ask you to consume meal replacement shakes, but what if you don`t like them? Prepackaged diet center foods are also often used. But if you don`t have the money to buy all your diet foods from one company? Even if diet pills worked, how much money would you have to spend on diet pills, to keep you on track?

A proper fitness plan for women, should teach women the basic skills to achieve their goals and give them solid advice, so they can sustain a lifelong exercise program and healthy nutrition. What if someone in the near future invents a “magic pill” that helps you get in shape. In that case you would be enslaved to that pill. If the price increased by two, three or four times, you would have to pay that money.

My advice is not to get dependent on one single product or company, but look for fitness plans that empower you and teach you a lifestyle and health and fitness.


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Nadia is a life coach and health writer residing in Toronto.

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