Reiki: The Art of Healing with touch

Updated: December 27, 2012

 Reiki a system created by a man called Usui Mikao in Japan in the early 1900s.

Initally he created reiki to support people on their spiritual journey toward enlightenment using meditations and precepts.

Usui Mikaobrought together various elements from his own spiritual practices to develop a system we know today as Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system which works with various vibrations of the body for healing and promoting perfect harmony between body, mind and soul. It is a reiki-womensimple technique that promotes healing with a simple touch. The energy from the hands of the Reiki practitioners channelizes itself to the recipient which generates the healing effect. Not only human, but animals, plants or anything that has live is the channel for Reiki and benefits all. Human body comprises of seven energy centers, known as chakras that receive energy from the surrounding. This energy flows through meridians and form a field which helps in proper functioning of our organs and cells. When this energy is depleted, person becomes vulnerable to illness. By using hands, Reiki healers balance this depleted energy from the chakras and thus promote over physical, emotional and psychological well being.

Reiki is a Japanese word with two roots, “rei” meaning universal and “ki” meaning energy or prana. Also called Usui Shiki Ryoho, this universal life force energy was discovered by a Japanese priest Mikao Usui who used it as a toll to calm his students’ minds and help then on their path to enlightenment. For centuries he and his students used this simple hand sharing technique to heal various suffering people and it soon became popular.

How Reiki Helps?

It is the core notion of Reiki that disturbed mind and unbalanced energy system of the body is the main cause of most of the physical ailments and stress and by harmonizing it, many of the acute and chronic conditions can be cured. It helps in balancing the life force energy, reducing stress, treating diseases and opening free pathway to one’s emotions. This technique heals by bringing the chakras of the body in equilibrium. Sometimes more energy is given to a particular chakra associated with the organ of gland where the problem exists. For example, if a person is suffering from asthma, then Reiki is given at the heart chakra and lungs. Long term practice of Reiki promotes better overall physical, mental and spiritual health and restores the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Other benefits of Reiki are creating emotional balance, supporting immune system, reducing drug side effects, reliving from pains, promoting better sleep, assisting body’s natural cleansing process and any others. It is very important for the person performing Reiki and the recipient to have faith in the process for better results and quick recovery.

How can you be a Reiki Healer?

Reiki is a simple healing technique which can be learnt only when a Reiki master transfers this ability to his student during “attunement”, allowing him to dip into limitless pond of life force energy for promoting physical and mental well being.

There are three levels of learning Reiki. In the first level, a student is taught the fundamental theories and procedures that are useful in the treatment and healing processes reikiusing Reiki. He is made a channel by his master through attunement and given the required training. In the second level, the utilization of three Japanese symbols and related mantras is taught in order to intensify the distance and strength of Reiki effect. Once this level is completed, a student learns to work with Reiki with being present physically with the receiving person. At the third and last level, a student acquires master level knowledge and is ready to attune others to Reiki. This stage emphasizes over spiritual and personal development ad may last for a day or a year or even more.

Reiki helps in generating awareness and developing a wider understanding from the restricted “i” and “my” types of consciousness to “all”. It is a wonderful technique that works by simple miracle touch and can be effectively used for healing, relaxing oneself and others. It is not a religion but the power which connects us with all and enhances our own divinity.


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