The HCG diet. Does it work?

Updated: December 23, 2012
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The HCG diet: Is there any scientific evidence that the HCG diet actually works? 

I am sure you have heard of the HCG diet already. But what is it exactly?

Does the HCG diet actually work? These are all important questions that I will try to answer in this article.

Every now and then you hear about some new diet or weight loss program, which is suppose to help you lose weight faster and easier. And it all sounds really great and promising, but once you look at the facts and real scientific evidence, the results are not as great. It would be really helpful if there was something that made weight loss easier for people, because losing weight is very hard. But does the HCG diet achieve this?

dr SimeonsATW Simeons, who was an English physician, proposed to treat obesity with the help of administering human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) over 50 years ago. The protocol of Simeons involved a combination of up to six weeks of daily doses of HCG injections and also an extremely low 500 calorie diet. During the fifty and more years since then, many randomized controlled trials have shown that HCG has no better effect on weight loss than placebo. And experts have come to the conclusion, by looking at the evidence, that HCG has no merit for losing weight. Which is also a reason why legitimate clinicians, who treat obesity, discourage people from using HCG.

The truth is that the real HCG is an injection and you must obtain it by presciption from a doctor. But if you look around in various hcg diet drops samplepharmacies and especially the nutritional and weight loss pills section, you will notice a „HCG“ product on the shelves. Someone who doesn`t know that the real HCG is an injection, gets the HCG product and believes its the real thing. The HCG diet has been presented in the Dr Oz Show and people hear about this and simply buy the fraudulent product. The truth is that over-the-counter HCG is illegal, but you can still find it in many stores, which is sad.



Because of the publication of the popular book about HCG in 2007 and the DR. Oz television show, many alternative and conventional medicine clinics have been offering HCG, mainly because it is good for business. And lots of people have claimed that the HCG diet has worked for them, because they have lost weight. But the weight loss associated with the HCG diet, comes from the hypo caloric diet that comes with the injections.

There is also a serious lack of efficacy and there is a very real concern that the dosages of HCG is high enough, to cause specific physiological responses. There is also questions hcg diet choicesabout the quality of the HCG used by the so called obesity clinics. Preliminary studies also show that HCG can facilitate decidualization of stormal cells of the human endometrium. This in turn raises concerns of potential leimyoma formation and also exacerbation of endometriosis. The evidence shows that HCG intake can potentially cause health risks.

One of the main problems with such diet plans and programs, is that people are very gullible and people everything they are told. Especially if it is told by someone on a popular TV shows. So instead of being skeptical and looking more into these things, people go into a frenzy and buy like crazy. I am sure you have tried lots of different diet plans and they are promise fantastic results, but you need to remain skeptical.

The International Journal on Obesity has explained that the HCG has no weight loss effect. So it is the job of the community in the obesity field to educate people about the effectiveness and potential risks. But unfortunately this is not done enough and people don`t really know who to trust and they have very few places to get legitimate information.

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