How to get the most vitamins from your diet

Updated: December 27, 2012

Find out the reasons why you must get enough vitamins from your diet or supplements!

Most people today are not getting enough vitamins from their daily diet.

Are you getting enough vitamins from your nutrition? Read on and find out…

vitaminsWe have all heard that vitamins are really important and we all must get enough vitamins. But what exactly do vitamins do and why do we need them? I believe it is quite important to know why you are taking vitamins and what vitamins you should be taking. Very often people take all sorts of vitamin supplements, never knowing what or how much their really need. It can be a confusing subject for a lot of people.

The body needs vitamins because vitamins put the nutrients we get from foods to use. The body is unable to produce vitamins itself, so we need to get them from food. Our bodies do not need a huge amount of vitamins and the vitamins we get from a well-balanced diet and some vitamin supplements is enough. Some people eat vitamin-depleted and refined foods, and then take vitamin supplements to make up for it, which makes very little sense.
The amount of vitamins in fresh and organic food, is enough to supply our bodies nicely. Unless you are not consuming foods that deplete our bodies from vitamins during the digestion process. These include anti-calorie foods like white sugar. Vitamins are vital links in the chain of biochemical reactions and actions, that occurs during digestion. If you are lacking essential vitamins, then your body is unable to get all the nutrients out of the food you eat. The body needs nutrients for regeneration, growth, energy and repair.

There are a large number of these important chains of biochemical reaction all over the body: some for using carbohydrates, fats and proteins for digestion. So if the vitamin vitamin pill samplechain misses a link or more than one link, then the body is unable to bring together one element with another element, because of the necessary reaction for that, does not happen. This can lead to the death of the cells, even though there are plenty of nutrients around, but because there are not enough vitamins, they are pretty much useless.
Certain vitamins need to be replaced more regularly than others, because they are water-soluble, whereas others are fat-soluble. Most of the essential vitamins like B and C vitamins are water-soluble and carried by the bloodstream, which is of course mostly made of water. So basically the vitamins travel through the body in the bloodstream and the cells use these vitamins whenever they need them. All the unneeded vitamins are flushed down with urine. The reason why water-soluble vitamins need to be consumed more regularly, is because they are not stored by the body.

And as you already might guess, fat-soluble vitamins do get stored in the body in the fatty tissue. Such vitamins become more soluble and they are carried around the bloodstream in the oils and fats that we eat from our food. And since fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the body, there is a potential risk of building up toxic levels of these vitamins. Although this potential risk is very small and requires a massive intake of fat-soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins are A, E, D and also K vitamins.

The deficiencies of vitamins become noticeable pretty quickly and it results in many physical malfunctions. Sometimes it can be very hard to detect what vitamins a person is lacking, because very often vitamins work together with other vitamins. The best thing to do, is to make sure you include a large variety of foods in your diet, so you are less likely to develop any shortages. It is also important to avoid over-cooking your food, because that can destroy the vitamins.

And you can also take vitamin supplement, especially vitamin D supplement, because it is very hard to get from food. The natural source of vitamin D is from the sunlight, but since most people don`t get enough sunlight, taking supplements is crucial.

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