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Updated: December 27, 2012
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Weight loss is about creating an educated plan and working it effectively on a daily basis.

Weight loss today has become a multi-billion dollar industry however the fundamentals are often forgotten or overlooked.

In this article, we will cover the basic elements of weight loss and show you how you can start using them today for healthy results that will last a lifetime.

Weight loss begins in your mind so unless you’re motivated and understand how this process should take place correctly, you won’t be able to obtain the desired results.

weight loss for womenLosing weight doesn’t have to turn into an obsession and doesn’t have to be your top priority. What you should really concentrate on in order to get a slim, attractive and strong physique is a healthy lifestyle!

Lots of people commit the mistake of going for restrictive diets and slimming pills or relying only on natural weight loss remedies for dropping excess pounds. These strategies can be effective for short-term results but they’re not winning cards in the long run.

Why is that, you might ask? Because they address the effects and not the root cause of weight gain. The root cause of this problem is an unhealthy attitude towards foods and eating so unless this is changed and the correct mindset is adopted, results aren’t going to last.

Given below are some of the most common mistakes people do when trying to shed off extra pounds. Take a look and try to figure out whether they describe your eating habits and lifestyle!

Bad eating habits that prevent weight loss

One of the most common culprits that can prevent weight loss is skipping breakfast and having only a coffee or a glass or juice in the morning, before going to work. While this weigth-loss-chartis not a problem or a weight gain trigger itself, it becomes an issue when it leads to overeating during the day. People who don’t have breakfast are usually more tempted to eat larger portions, in order to balance the body’s caloric needs and stop hunger pangs, and this action can greatly halt your weight loss as your metabolic rate slows down.

Obviously, eating too large portions can quickly lead to weight gain so unless you’re able to control cravings and watch your portions during the day, you should have a healthy breakfast in the morning. This way it will be easier for you to create the needed caloric deficit for losing excess fat and reaching your goal weight.

Another bad habit which favors weight gain is eating while watching TV or working on the computer. This makes it more difficult for your brain to properly process signals sent by the full stomach, so the hunger sensation can persist even after eating an important amount of food. The obvious consequence is, once again, overeating, which is a sure step towards weight gain.

Eating in a rush can also compromise your weight loss efforts as it doesn’t give your stomach the proper time to process foods. It generally takes 20 minutes for foods to be digested and for the hunger sensation to disappear so if you always finish your meals in 10 minutes, you shouldn’t be surprised cravings reappear after meals. The solution to this problem is to eat slowly and to avoid having another snack right after finishing eating.

Eating directly from cans and bags can be tricky as well, as you may feel tempted to empty the bag without taking into consideration the amount of calories the eaten products have. Not reading labels is another common mistake that makes people eat more calories than their bodies actually needs.

Drinking sodas instead of water, overeating before going to bed and drinking alcohol in high amounts can lead to a quick weight gain so you should try to avoid these bad habits. Also, make sure to eat only when you’re hungry, not when you’re depressed, stressed or bored and avoid “diet” products as much as possible, as they’re usually rich in lots of chemicals which aren’t beneficial to your body.

Avoid juicing for too long periods as your body needs solid foods as well and juices usually increase glycemia more than solid foods do. This happens because molecules in liquid products are destroyed faster and nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream quicker, causing spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Last, avoid adding highly caloric dressings and sauces to all your foods as these are hidden calories that are often neglected but can compromise your weight loss efforts. Instead, opt for mustard, garlic, herbs and tomato sauce, which are healthier and provide more benefits to your organism in the long run.


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