Muscle building workouts for men

Updated: December 26, 2012

Effective workouts  for men to gain more muscle in less time!

We give you an overview of the main elements of muscle building workouts for men so you can get the results you are after.

It is really great to lift weights if you are a real beginner, because then you will put on muscle very fast, even if you make mistakes and you use some random muscle building workouts for men.

Guys often think that the newbie gains are normal and are going to last, but after a certain period these gains slow down. To keep on making gains you need to put in more effort and train smarter. An average guy can keep on building muscle for many years, but in order to do this, the person has to know some basic training tips.

Superset to gain more muscle

workouts for men logoThere are many ways to get the most out of your workouts and supersets are one of them. Super setting means pairing two exercises and performing them back-to-back, with very little rest between the exercises. To get the most out of supersets, it is best to use antagonist muscle groups, such as triceps and biceps or hamstrings and quads. Supersets workouts are great workouts for men for building muscle, because they enhance the release the testosterone, which is paramount for building muscle.

By doing supersets, you also enhance hypertrophy, because it is a very intense workout. The muscles have to adapt to these increased sets and low rest periods. When your muscles are working very hard, they need to adapt to the increased workload and you gain muscle. If your goal is to gain more strength and pure mass, you can superset with compound exercises as well.

Use high repetition isolation movements

Some of the real effective workouts for men use isolation movements with high reps to finish the workouts. Movements like triceps extensions, bicep curls, leg extensions, lateral raises and hamstring curls are all effective exercises to get more blood into the muscles, at the end of your workout. The extra blood in the muscles brings vital nutrients to the muscles, helping them to recover faster. The pump also gives you a great feeling itself.

Decrease your rest periods

Many of the workouts for men have a relatively long rest period between sets. If you force your body to do more work in a shorter period of time, you will gain more mass. The body has to adapt to the higher workload and decreased rest periods. It is very similar to supersets, where the higher intensity pushes more blood into the muscles, which are working. Reduced rest periods also boost your metabolic rate and increase your vascularity. The higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories you burn. So if your goal is to lose fat as well, then decreased rest periods help you achieve this.

Use drop sets to gain muscle

Adopting drop sets to your workouts is a great way to make your muscles grow faster. When you reach failure with a normal set, then the muscles are too fatigued to do another repetition, but they are not totally exhausted yet. So by reducing the load and extending the set that way, you will train the tired muscle fibers even more.

To do a drop set, you simply need to do a set with a standard weight until you have reached failure. Then you right away reduce the weight by a small amount and do as many reps as you can with that weight, then lower the weight again until you reach failure. Drop sets are really tough and they take a lot out of you. So you need to be mentally prepared for this. All kinds of workouts that include drop sets are great muscle building workouts for men!

Increase the time under tension

To achieve maximum hypertrophy, it is necessary to focus on the volume and technique. If you extend your sets for as long as possible, your body is forced to use more energy and to recruit new muscle fibers to do the work. So you can quickly improve your muscularity, if you involve more motor units with each set. To increase the time under tension, you can use burn-outs, drop sets, increase number of sets and reps or do reps more slowly.

As you can see there are many ways to make your workouts more effective. You can choose from all kinds of different muscle building workouts for men, and if you want to make progress, and then make sure some of these techniques are included.





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