An Introduction to Yoga

Updated: December 24, 2012

The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to yoke or join together.

Yoga can improve sex and may even prevent and treat sex problems by increasing the overall health of the cardiovascular system.

Yoga has been called one of the first and most successful products of globalization.

If you add yoga to your daily life yow will see changes in your body and also with the way you are thinking.  Yoga has started in India thousands of years ago. The purpose of this therapeutic exercise is to unite the mind and body in order to improve your health and happiness. Yoga exercises can benefit the whole body or just for a specific body part if you need to improve it.

yoga for womenYoga is not all about just some exercises to get in shape; it is more about the relationship between mind, body and spirit.  According to yoga imbalances in the body are the cause of all the illness, and yoga exercises will help you to create a balance between your body, mind and your inner self and get them in balance to avoid sickness.There are various benefits of making yoga part of your daily life. The purpose of yoga is to rejuvenate your body. Meditation is a part of yoga exercises and by meditating after you will achieve the calmness that is deep inside you and relaxes you. As a result of being relaxed you will have a positive mind set even in a stressful environment.  As you meditate every day and by using breathing techniques that yoga offer you ,  you will  get rid of anger, anxiety and stress which are a part of today’s  life. Meditation also helps you to find and understand your inner self.

The other advantage of yoga is that you lose fat and start to feel stronger. When you start practicing yoga you see the difference that it makes to your body will amaze you. . If you are used to hunching, you will see how yoga unwinds your spine and improves your posture. Yoga exercises are designed to strengthen your body and make it more flexible.

Breathing techniques in yoga boosts your immune system and releases more energy to your body.  Doing daily yoga exercise helps you to decrease the level of stress in life by deep breathing techniques and concentration.  Yoga breathing also helps you to improve your cardiovascular system and the blood circulation in your body. Most of us have forgotten to breathe deeply and is the cause of some health problems for many of us.  Deep breathing also helps you to get more oxygen to your body and your brain.  When you are a shallow t breather you will feel more tension and you will feel exhausted all the time. As soon as you start the deep breathing exercises you will see that you will be happier and have more energy and also feel healthier.

Types of yoga:

Bikram yoga: This is a kind of yoga that has 26 poses and two breathing techniques. The room has to be warmed up to a certain degree and humidity level and it is known as hot yoga.

Hatha yoga: is a classic type of yoga which has been used today and it emphasizes on mind- body connection.

Vinyasa yoga:  or synchronized body movements are the combination of body movements and breathing techniques which allows the body to get rid of toxins.

Kundalini yoga: combines breathing and body postures with body locks. This is one of  the more advanced exercises of yoga.

Ashtanga yoga: is the yoga of techniques and it applies meditation, breathing, postures and concentration to your body.

Iyengar yoga: is emphasizing on flexibility and strength. Balance and body alignments are more important in this type of yoga.

Anusara yoga: is based on most basic yoga (hatha yoga), but the exercises are more for toning the muscles and relaxation.

Restorative yoga: is a gentle type of yoga that focuses on relaxation and different body parts by using bolster or rolled blankets, blocks or balls.

Jivamukti yoga: is a modern kind of yoga that is about energizing your life and it is a great workout which helps the blood circulation in the body.

Prenatal yoga: is focused on breathing and relaxations and it is the best yoga exercises for pregnant women.

Keep in mind that yoga like any other exercise techniques has to be done properly and in order to do that you need to have a guide to walk you through the process. If you do not have access to yoga classes you can benefit from books or DVDs about yoga.

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